The ladderloc buckle is sewn on one end of the strap. To use the strap, the loose end of the strap is fed back into the ladderloc which then holds it in place. This is a strong and secure fastening which is undone by lifting up the buckle. Despite the low cost, the absence of moving or fragile parts mean this is a very strong strap. The strap is fully adjustable across the whole length of the webbing. The big disadvantages of this buckle are that there the webbing has to be threaded through in the correct fashion for the locking action to work, there is no quick and easy loosening mechanism apart from the ladderloc itself, there is a loose end to the strap which could be a tangle hazard or a nuisance, and the ladderloc can be released accidentally with a simple knock, although the loose end can be tied to the remaining strap to act as a safety device. Often used in camping because of the light weight and ease of use. These straps are extra wide 50mm (2") for better support and added strength.

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50mm Webbing Strap with Easy-Use Ladderloc Buckle

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